The highest degree of security assurance system for your office or home.

ALLEX KEY, the culmination of the ALLEX Group’s technological capabilities, provides safe and secure functionality that completely eliminates the vulnerable security aspects of conventional smart keys.

Every “ALLEX ID” issued by ALLEX Wallet is different and serves as a password to open the key, ensuring its safety.

The ALLEX KEY will never be opened, but in the unlikely event that it is breached, ALLEX Group and the major insurance companies with which it works will guarantee it. This is the best security system we can offer because of the many layers of contingency plans we have in place.

In addition, the design of the system has been carefully considered to be chic and luxurious. Because of its luxurious design, it does not detract from the appearance of your office or home, and it can also be used as an interior design, so it will become an indispensable security product in the future.

Key Life