A service that allows you to protect your personal and confidential information online.

ALLEX ONLINE is a video meeting feature with identity verification. There is no need to download or set up anything, of course, but also the ability to share documents and screens in an instant, making it possible to have practical meetings with security.

Since the ALLEX ID has already been verified, you can move directly to the electronic contract during online business meetings. Because ALLEX ONLINE is stored in the blockchain, no fraud or forgery can occur, ensuring a reliable video meeting.

In addition, ALLEX ONLINE can be used in a highly secure online medical environment, where diagnosis and treatment of patients can be prevented by verifying the identity of the patient with an ALLEX ONLINE ID, and where personal data can be handled safely. This makes it possible to perform highly confidential online examinations even when the patient is not face-to-face, and this is the method that After Corona uses most often.

Allex Online