Services to ensure smooth distribution of antibody kits and prevent the spread of infection

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ALLEX will continue to work on improving the environment for appropriate testing and awareness to prevent secondary infection.

Like influenza, COVID-19 is characterized by the difficulty in distinguishing between diagnosis and onset of disease, and is a troublesome virus that cannot be predicted in the majority of asymptomatic patients.

However, asymptomatic individuals do not have the opportunity to undergo PCR testing at a public institution, so ALLEX recommends antibody testing to prevent hidden clusters.

Remote guidance from a professional physician can help you take appropriate action and avoid the risk of secondary infection.

In addition, you can also receive information and guidance from ALLEX WALLET to help prevent infections, and we provide a smooth delivery service for the information you need.

The service also incorporates a recommendation for retesting 14 days after the test and will provide hand washing recommendations and updates.

ALLEX’s proprietary high-security technology has enabled a smooth delivery service for antibody test kits.
Other services will be provided to raise awareness about COVID-19.