Smart Insurance

Property and casualty insurance for the risks of daily life and life insurance for the risks of living.

It visualizes insurance and money, which are essential for life, and provides appropriate advice from financial planners, who are experts in money, and AI, who can help you visualize what risks you need to be prepared for, which risks are high on the priority list, whether insurance is appropriate for hedging risks, whether you have enough money for your second life after retirement, whether your family’s life is protected, etc.

In addition, we are developing a function that will tell you whether or not AI can provide insurance benefits in the event of a hospital visit due to an accident or illness, as well as a function that will allow you to automatically apply for benefits and insurance claims.

Our goal is to create a world of insurance where risks and money are visualized, and where the right insurance is available at the right time, and where benefits can be applied for in the event of an emergency.